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VirtueNet MobileProtect For Schools

Superior Mobile Safety for Schools & Parents
What if you could manage mobile devices on your school network and provide parents with powerful safety tools in one innovative solution? VirtueNet MobileProtect makes this possible, with comprehensive device & application management, web-content filtering, limiting or blocking of phone calls to specific times of the day, geo-tracking / geo-fencing, and much more. Not only do we support all major mobile devices used by schools for e-Learning including Android & Apple iPad - we also provide unique value-added benefits to parents thus allowing your school to become pro-actively engaged in creating a safer internet for our children by using VirtueNet MobileProtect on all school or student-owned devices.

When your child’s device is at school, our location-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology will enforce the schools Acceptable Usage Policy and allow school IT staff to have full control. When the device leaves the school premises, the parent policy is activated and can be managed via a parent web portal or parent app for smartphones. What does this all mean you may ask? Put simply, Mobile Device Management for Schools + Parental Control for Parents = Real Protection For Children. At School. At Home. Or Anywhere Between.

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VirtueNet WebControl

Powerful Web Management Designed for Education
Most schools that have some form of web protection at gateway-level can only filter or manage their student’s online activities whilst on the school network, however, many school filters lack the intelligence to deliver fast, zero-latency, accurate filtering with real-time content analysis capability to ensure that your filtering systems remain effective in light of a rapidly evolving online world. Additionally they are unable to manage laptops that leave the school premises, disconnect from the Wi-Fi network, or even use a private internet connection (i.e. 3G or cellphone modem) from inside the school premises for inappropriate reasons.

With VirtueNet WebControl you have the capability to deal with these key concerns as well as provide instant control of single class or grade-level filtering policies in the hands of teachers, thereby empowering them to get the content that they need into the classroom - when they need it. It doesn’t matter whether your school has 10 computers or 10, 000 computers, VirtueNet WebControl delivers premium education-focused web-management at a very affordable price to suit any school budget.

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VirtueNet StudentProtect

SA's First & Only Solution to Prevent Cyberbullying & Predator Grooming in Schools
The exclusive VirtueNet StudentProtect solution offers next-level protection that goes far beyond traditional web-management used by schools – our exclusive technology will ensure that entire school network is constantly monitored for inappropriate language and alerts you if your students use bullying or threatening behaviour or if they use school computers for personal reasons during lessons. It will also notify you of potentially harmful situations, such as signs of depression or suicide, predator grooming, sexual, racial or religious harassment, drugs, pornography or gambling.

So you have an existing web-filtering system for blocking harmful web content? That’s great, but how do you know what other unsuitable and potentially dangerous online and “offline” activities are actually happening on your school computers, laptops, or workstation terminals?

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