Key Features

Web Blocking

Web filtering to ensure that your child does not access pornography and other inappropriate web content.

Maps & Geofences

Locate a missing child or phone. See where your child has roamed & receive notifications when your child arrives or leaves a pre-defined location.

Block Contacts

Prevent undesirable or unknown people from being in contact with your child, either by calling or text. *Not available on iOS devices

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts by email or push notifications to your phone about dangerous activity, such as accessing adult content, on the mobile device.

Remotely Delete Device Info

If your child’s phone or tablet is stolen or lost, wipe all the data stored on it, so that personal information does not get into the wrong hands.

Application Blocking

Know which mobile applications your child has installed and block or limit their use.


Allocate times when your child can and can’t use their smartphone or tablet. They will always be able to call their VIP contacts.

Block Phone Camera

You can stop the phone’s camera being used, helping prevent sexting or the sharing of other inappropriate photos and videos.

Lock Out Thieves

Lock a missing or stolen phone to stop criminals or mischievous friends from accessing your child’s personal information.

Address Book

Know who your child is friends with, set VIPs and block undesirable contacts.

Set VIP Contacts

These are people that your child can always reach and they can always get hold of your child, even with the timetable activated.

Block Premium Rated Numbers

Block premium rated numbers, which can result in expensive one-off charges or even a subscription and often access adult content.

SIM Removal Alert

You’ll be alerted if anyone changes the SIM in your child’s device, along with the new phone number and device’s current location.

Remote Triggers

Activate certain services such as the remote siren, phone’s current location or data wipe via your web dashboard.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

All the essential features a school needs to manage multiple numerous mobile devices when on the school premises or network.

Block Numbers

Block withheld or private numbers or contacts not in the address book from communicating with your child.

Web Dashboard

Our web dashboard helps you monitor how your children use their mobile devices . School IT staff can manage multiple devices when on their network.

Password Protection

This prevents your child from removing VirtueNet MobileProtect, or if the device is lost or stolen, criminals from accessing your child’s private information.

Prevent Texting While Driving

Disable all texting applications whilst driving to prevent distracting use of the phone when driving and prevent accidents.

Parental Control

All the essential mobile safety features a parent needs to protect their child in any location with one simple, easy-to-use solution.

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