The Internet Is a Dangerous Place.

Keep Your Children Safe With VirtueNet.

With the internet being an essential business, educational and social networking tool, it is almost impossible to imagine life without it – it is easy to see its multiple benefits and applications in our daily lives, but what about the many dangers associated with unmanaged internet use? Whether we choose to believe it or not, the number of young people repeatedly exposed to pornography, violence and other forms of harmful web content that is now so easily available is alarming...

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Simple Online Protection That Works.

At School. At Home. And Anywhere Between.

Smartphones, Smart TV’s, Tablets, Laptops, PC’s, Gaming Consoles – the list is endless... The modern home is full of numerous internet-capable gadgets that were unheard of just a few short years ago, all of which pose a potential threat to the safety of your child if left unchecked. How does the average parent cope with this technology onslaught in their homes? What are parents to manage their children’s online environment when their kids are more tech-savvy than they are?

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Protecting Kids On Mobile Phones Is Now Easier Than Ever.

Introducing VirtueNet MobileProtect for Android & Apple iOS.

Software for mobile devices is everywhere – and parental control is no exception. The vast majority of these so-called “parental controls” overlook key areas of concern to be considered a practical, real-world mobile protection solution for children. For this reason, VirtueNet MobileProtect has raised the bar on child mobile safety by integrating a variety of essential protection technologies into one simple, easy-to-use parental control software application that does it all.

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Considering e-Learning with Tablets or Bring-Your-Own-Device?

Do It Safely With VirtueNet MobileProtect for Schools.

What if you could manage mobile devices on your school network and provide parents with powerful safety tools in one innovative solution? VirtueNet MobileProtect makes this possible, with comprehensive device management that allows schools to harness the power of e-Learning without the risk.

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VirtueNet WebControl.

Powerful Web Management Designed for Education.

Most schools that have some form of web protection at gateway-level can only filter or manage their student’s online activities whilst on the school network, however, many school filters lack the intelligence to deliver fast, zero-latency, accurate filtering with real-time content analysis capability to ensure that your filtering systems remain effective in light of a rapidly evolving online world....

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VirtueNet StudentProtect.

SA's First & Only Solution to Prevent Cyberbullying & Predator Grooming in Schools.

The exclusive VirtueNet StudentProtect solution offers next-level protection that goes far beyond traditional web-management used by schools – our exclusive technology will ensure that entire school network is constantly monitored for inappropriate language and alerts you if your students use bullying or threatening behaviour or if they use school computers for personal reasons during lessons...

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Creating a Safer Internet For Our Children.

Empowering Your School To Make a Difference.

VirtueNet is SA’s first and only dedicated e-Safety organization that is focused solely on working with parents & schools to protect our children from numerous online dangers that they are exposed to on a daily basis. We assist schools to play a vital role in creating a safer internet in South Africa by educating parents on the dangers of the internet and providing them with essential advice & effective technology tools to protect their children online, whether on a home or school computer, tablet or mobile phone....

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The Preferred Choice of World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer.

VirtueNet Is The Official e-Safety Partner to Samsung In South Africa.

VirtueNet & Samsung (SA) have entered into an exclusive partnership to deliver the safest possible e-Learning experience to local schools. Not only does the Android OS platform allow for the maximum safety benefit to be derived from our technology, it is also coupled with the renowned hardware reliability and innovation that makes Samsung the largest and most reputable smartphone vendor in the world today...

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You Connect. We Protect.

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